Amazing Chris Heath Article in GQ

So I periodically attempt to catch up on my magazine reading by going through a stack in a burst of scanning. I rip out the pieces that look interesting and toss all the rest. Then I whittle down the saved pile.

Except in this one instance, I kept putting the ripped out pages aside.

For about nine months, the Chris Heath article in GQ about the tragic, sad, bizarre, and bewildering exotic animal catastrophe in Zanesville, Ohio has sat on my desk. “I don’t have time right now,” I would say as I moved the pages. Or, “I want to be able to concentrate on this, maybe tomorrow.”

But on some level, maybe the more accurate truth is that I didn’t have the guts to read the article.

Finally, I did.

And I’m ecstatic that I made it all the way through. Heath’s piece is dark and sad, but also illuminating and interesting. It’s by far one of the best pieces of glossy magazine writing I’ve read this year.

So yeah, I know I’m about nine months late. But still… Check it out here.

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