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My work has appeared in a number of national magazines and publications. Here are links to a handful of articles available online:

“Steel Strings 101″ in Premier Guitar, August 2012.

“Forgotten Heroes: Jimmy Wyble” in Premier Guitar, March 2012.

“Keith Urban: Aspiring Outlaw” in Premier Guitar, August 2011.

“Forgotten Heroes: Hank Garland” in Premier Guitar, April 2011.

“Netflix: Movies in the Mail” in Laptop, December 2004. A funny article, now, in hindsight. At the time, I was asked to actually review dvd mail delivery services and select the best.

Complete List of All Print Publications:
–The Aethlon: Journal of Sport and Literature
–Columbus Monthly
–Daily Planet
–Kentucky Monthly
–Managing Your Career
–The Panhandler
–Premier Guitar
–Tin House
–The Wall Street Journal’s Managing Your Career publication